WEST POINT, 3000 A.D.—The Golden Age SF Pulp Classic by Manly Wade Wellman

World Fantasy Award Winner's Pulp Masterpiece of Earth Versus the Martians at West Point!

The dirty Marties were infiltrating Earth and had penetrated its military defenses and secrets. Yes, it was a sorry day indeed for Earth when she admitted Martian Cadets to West Point for training.

And only two cadets stood between Earth and the deadly peril of alien conquest, Garr Devlin, the son of a criminal, and Nola Rakkam, scion of an aristocratic family that had served with distinction in the planet’s military for generations. Garr Devlin was a denizen of the Underways, New York’s underground slums for the lower caste workers who never saw the sun and labored from night to day tending the great machines that supplied the metropolis’ light and water. His appointment to West Point violated both tradition and social convention. But to the Cadets from Mars, his entrance into West Point was the signal for war on Earth.

They began by inciting the workers of the Underways to revolt. But what would be the outcome of the great Martian-inspired revolution? Would the woman Garth loves kill him, believing him a traitor? Would she herself be shot in turn? If the Martian conspirator Bexlann played his cards right, could he not aspire to personal overlordship of all Earth, as a reward for a job well done?

As the editors wrote at the time of its original publication in Amazing Stories for Oct. 1940, "Trapped in the Underways as Martian revolt flames, could Garr Devlin discover the real meaning of West Point honor and of a thousand years of tradition before it was too late for the Earth and the entire solar system? This dramatic story of espionage and counter-espionage, with the destiny of the Earth itself at stake, will attain a climax so exciting and so surprising that West Point, 3000 A.D. will undoubtedly go down in the annals of science fiction as one of the greatest stories ever written."

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