CHILDREN OF THE MESA [Laena’s Children, Book 2] by Charlotte Prentiss

Love and Conflict in a Powerful Novel of American Prehistory

Entertaining and thought-provoking.” —Publishers Weekly

The last Ice Age in North America is ending. The glaciers are retreating, and the Great Plains are teeming with wildlife.

However, the plains are filled with marauding gangs of brutal men who are as dangerous to other human life as they are to the beasts they slaughter.

Against them stands Mara, a chieftain with a unique vision. She pursues peace and justice, giving females in her tribe equal footing with males. But now her people are threatened with destruction, not only by vicious enemies but by catastrophic changes in climate.

This is the epic story of Mara, who will let no man break her spirit, despite the frailty of her flesh. She resists the treachery and terror that threaten her people. She alone has the courage to lead them against the evil giant, Barem, and his tribe of thugs.

Here is the enthralling saga of an unforgettable woman and a momentous struggle in a time when humanity is reaching perilous crossroads—and history is waiting to be made.

This is what Amazon readers have to say about the Children of the Mesa:

“I love these kind of books .This one reads fast and smooth. Lots of Big surprises in this story.”

“She does a great job...keeps you turning the pages. I'll read all of her books.”

“Charlotte Prentiss is a wonderful writer and her books are hard to quit reading until you have finished the whole book.”

“I couldn't put the book down and read it in less than a day. I recommend it to anyone.”

Charlotte Prentiss is the celebrated author of Laena's Children, a five volume saga focusing on five key generations of women through 15,000 years of history, from their tribe's journey from the land bridge between Asia and Alaska through their slow spread south to what is now California.

[Originally published as People of the Mesa.]

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