FEE, FEI, FO, FUM by John Aylesworth

The hilariously imaginative tale of Judd Morrow, who woke up one morning to find himself truly a giant among men … a modern day Gulliver with a giant-size hangover!

“Enjoyable … Definitely check it out.” —Goodreads

This is the story of Judd Morrow, a rather ordinary young man with a job in advertising, a girlfriend in Manhattan, and a six-foot bed that had always been plenty big enough for him—a commonplace young man who woke up one morning to find that he had turned into a giant overnight!.

It was in his line of duty as an account executive that Judd had the misfortune to tangle with one Dr. Leon Grist, who might have been the original mad scientist, but for one thing: Grist lusted after money as other men did for women, and it was Grist's consuming passion that put Judd in this awkward predicament.

At first Judd was amused by the situation; he merely had to sneeze and he could level New York.

The Mayor was helpless, and so was the Governor. For that matter, so was the Beloved President of These United States. Then the Military came up with a solution: destroy the enemy!—and they stood at the ready to do so.

Suddenly Judd no longer found it funny. But love, money, and politics (an unbeatable combination) finally saved the day, and how they did is one of the most hilarious flights of fantasy you will ever read.

"A modern-day classic still as tasty and relevant as ever. We watch as society coalesces around Judd, turning the appearance of the giant into an opportunity for big business, political maneuverings and party after party after party. It's a clever story and spares no opportunity to skewer all ideologies/political persuasions and viewpoints. I found it pretty amazing how similar the political posturings of yesterday mimic the practices of today. The way the Russians, English, Chinese and US were portrayed didn't bring to mind antiquated diplomacy of the mid-20th century but any ongoing political negotiations you'd find being debated today.” —Goodreads


"In the dawn's early light of an ordinary morning, a handful of early risers discovered a three-hundred-and-fifty foot giant lying stark naked on the pavement along Madison Avenue..."

These are the opening words of one of the most Rabelaisian and irreverent satires ever to point a finger at the absurdities of life. Set in the not-so-distant future, it takes a gentle swipe at the passing scene while it tells the off-center story of a handful of people who have to be seen to be believed—and such is the craftsmanship of the author that you will indeed SEE each of the characters he has so realistically drawn.

John Aylesworth was an Emmy finalist writer and producer of many successful television programs, including Hee-Haw, The Sonny and Cher Show and The Julie Andrews Hour.

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