FREE AT LAST [The Six Magicians, Book 4] by Steve Langley

The saga of The Six Magicians reaches its stunning conclusion!

Fardio, the Timbrul Circus Ringmaster, has decided that with Jeri in the show, playing Big Rock might be profitable. The circus heads south—just ahead of Kite and Ciara, who have been following what they hoped was a lead on finding Jeri.

Meg and Tal, traveling with The Silent One, happen to approach Big Rock from the other direction. Taritha, their aunt, has also been following the road to Big Rock, searching for the children and praying that she finds them before they get themselves killed—or before she runs into their mother.

Saritha and Reagin, along with Talisman and Red, have been following a killer’s trail through wilderness, falling farther and farther behind.

Meanwhile, Callie has been using her scrying skills to follow The Silent One. She had prepared a second map for him that she hoped would lead him to the treasure.

Droud, with an ancient weapon guaranteed to kill, waits in Big Rock for Callie to do his work for him and bring the treasure out—so he can take it from her fresh corpse.

The Silent One and the children, along with Jeri and Wolfie, descend into the warren that was inside the actual big rock that towered over its eponymous town.

The six magicians have waiting in their self imposed hell for release. Free at Last! The world would suffer.

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