A HEALER’S JOURNEY [The Six Magicians, Book 1] by Steve Langley

The Six Magicians is, first and foremost, the story of Toba: an abused child, self-named Callanan AnKimbo—aka Callie—in a world where only men can be magi.

After performing a healing on herself that accidentally removes the wall between her consciousness and her power, Callie will grow up to be the most powerful magus in her world...and the pain of her childhood will provide too great a temptation to abuse that power. Having been shown no empathy, Callie has never developed a capacity for it toward anyone else—but despite her lack of fellow-feeling or respect for life, she will manage to avoid becoming a monster.

Callie's world is earthlike, with seven moons, three of which are easily visible to the eye; its people are a mix of humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and secret dragons who can change form and hide in plain sight. Magic on this world comes from the planet, and is vastly more powerful in men than in women.

Long ago, two factions of magi intended to fight to the death to determine which of them would rule the world—but instead, they have been trapped together in an artifact designed to hold its captives until the end of time. These magi are not completely powerless, however; even in captivity, they manage to subtly influence the world outside the artifact and lure in magi who might be able to set them free. Time after time they fail, only to trap others. Others who they swiftly destroy and consume.

In the first volume of this spellbinding saga, A Healer's Journey, thousands of years have passed, and the trapped magi find a new possibility of escape.

Callie, abused and broken, is given a taste of gentle love and trained as a healer...only to be plunged again into a hellish world of abuse.

Meg and Tal, a pair of siblings who grew nearly to adulthood with absent parents, are suddenly part of a whole family again. With Saritha, their mother, Domillo, their father, and Reagin, their mother’s companion, they start on a journey that will change them and their rivalry.

The Silent One, an aging sage who comes across a map suggesting the location of an ancient treasure, collects a small group of mercenary adventurers to help him in his search.

Kite and Krin, two young dragons in love, accidentally become hunted prey of an obsessed magus—and Jeri, their eggling, is born in human form and immediately orphaned. Jeri's only friend is Wolfie, a dire wolf cub who he raised from birth while living with Ander, the man who found him newborn.

These are the people whose stories, each taking place in their own time, will intertwine and grow ever closer to freeing the six who only want to destroy and rule.


Steve Langley is a longtime fan of fantasy and science fiction fan who lives in the Northwest. He was one half of the team behind the pseudonym "Fredric Davies," credited as author of the bestselling Man from U.N.C.L.E. novel.

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