SCHOOL DAYS [The Six Magicians, Book 2] by Steve Langley

The enthralling fantasy saga continues...

Callie, more than somewhat mad from abuse as a child, now healer to the poor, is discovered by Master Restotin who agrees to teach her—while making her the subject of his study, as he peers into her mind and tries to puzzle out out how a woman can touch so much magic. While Restotin may have found her in a state of near-total ignorance, Callie will use her education to advance to the threshold of Master status—and discover, along the way, elements of magic unknown even to the Masters themselves. Other would-be magi will come to her as she develops her powers; some will adore her, like the lovesick apprentice Jersit, whose abilities she will use with little thought for his mind or heart, and others will try to destroy her—like Droud, another Restotin apprentice who considers her an abomination and usurper of his rightful place at the center of the universe. As Callie grows magically, she will also build a considerable fortune to help finance a dragon hunt.

The Silent One travels north, slowly, within a much larger wagon train. His collection of adventurers—Talisman, Red, Jakob, Mathew, and Martin—will sort things out between themselves and grow to become more of a family than a band. They will discover a mystery, and find two bounty hunters, Badger and Wolf, who have been following them.

Jeri, not yet a teen, will gain more respect from Ander, as well as visibility to the townsfolk after a long period of isolation deep in the forest. But when Wolfie is poisoned, Ander murdered, and the town mob comes for Jeri yelling “monster”, that visibility proves itself a dangerous curse. Jeri will run, into a bitter winter, across the forest to become trapped atop an incredibly high cliff. But unbeknownst to Jeri, he is not alone. Kite will discover that his eggling was taken by a human. He and his sister, Ciara, who has a double reason to wish revenge on the magus who has hunted Kite, will take human form to search the world for Jeri...and their enemy.


Steve Langley is a longtime fantasy and science fiction fan, and was one half of the team behind the pseudonym "Fredric Davies," credited as the author of the classic Man from U.N.C.L.E. novel, The Cross of Gold Affair.

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