THE SORCERESS AnKIMBO [The Six Magicians, Book 3] by Steve Langley

Events begin to spin out of control as Steve Langley's landmark fantasy saga passes its halfway point...

Callie sets out to find a dragon, and sees one during her first attempt, but is unable to capture or kill it—the first in a long series of frustrating hunts. She has also reached the level of Journeyman Magus—but only unofficially, since she has never even been acknowledged as an apprentice. Even so, she begins a new role as trainer to the official apprentices.

With the help of a hunter named Ander, Callie hatches a new plan to capture a dragon by drugging it. That plan goes awry and Callie gives up the attempt, leaving Ander with the dragon's baby, Jeri. To add to her frustration, Callie's efforts to finance her dragon hunts by selling artifacts eat up all the time she would otherwise have left for hunting.

Droud, certain that Callie is hatching some plot against him (it's what he would do, after all) tries to beat her to the punch by attempting to rape her. If he succeeds, he figures, he would not only cause her terrible harm, but destroy her power as well—everyone knows that a woman can only hold magic if she's a virgin. Droud's assault is thwarted when Master Restotin interrupts them, but Restotin must pay for this intervention with his life. Droud flees, and his absence added to their Master's leaves Callie in charge of the school.

Daleran University, upon hearing of Master Restotin’s death, tries to take possession of the shop and the school—and as readers will come to expect from Callie, things get messy as a result. When the dust settles, Callie is acknowledged as ‘The Sorceress AnKimbo’.

Jeri, having left his home behind after losing everything, starts out on his new life as a solitary hunter and continues on until he comes out of the wilderness and finds a new home in the Timbrul Circus.

Kite and Ciara, in human form, continue to search for Jeri, and plan to find and kill Callie as well—in a human world that is much, much larger than they had imagined.


Steve Langley is a longtime fantasy and science fiction fan, and was one half of the team behind the pseudonym "Fredric Davies," credited as the author of the classic Man from U.N.C.L.E. novel, The Cross of Gold Affair.

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