MYSTERY OF THE ARIZONA DRAGON [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives 3] by Darryle Purcell

When PR man Curly Woods and cowboy Hoot Gibson arrive at an Arizona dude ranch they find themselves up against a supervillain with a deadly weapon. Sent by the studio to teach Warner Oland, Keye Luke, and the rest of the cast of the new movie "Charlie Chan Goes West" how to ride, Woods and Gibson find themselves in the midst of a situation that makes the film's plot sound like a kiddie story.

Who is the mysterious "Dragon" and why is he killing horses, ranch hands, and plotting a mass slaughter of miners? And, most of all, why is he so determined to end our heroes' lives at all costs?

Suspects include the film's stars, Oland and Luke; its German director; a cowboy actor who can’t ride; a young actress getting her first big break outside of comedy shorts; the ranch's beautiful but mysterious owner, and a bevy of Hollywood hopefuls. Dust Bowl refugees, Arizona ranch hands, aerial battles, shootouts, underground traps and living creatures gathered and released as weapons all spice up the action.

For anyone who loves the old fashioned thrills and action of the classic Hollywood B-movies.

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