MIND MONSTERS by Larry Maddock & Howard L. Cory

The Wacky, Mind-bending SF Classic!

"The amiable Irish spaceman, Terence O'Corcoran, crash lands on an alien planet, encounters glaciers, forests—and bug-eyed monsters that may or may not be real. It's a solid adventure, crisply told, with a concrete sense of setting. The interior of the spaceship, the glacier, the jungle, an alien city, the various monsters—all are presented as solid and realistic. Fun Reading.” —Di Paul Camp

Only Larry Maddock, creator of the debonair Hannibal Fortune, time-traveling secret agent, and everybody's favorite wise-cracking symboite, Webley, could have written this uproarious comic adventure of an Irish spaceman, stranded on a world that couldn’t be!

When Terence O'Corcoran, solo scout for the Terran Planetary Survey Corps, crash-lands on an alien planet, he regains consciousness to discover his ship hopelessly wrecked. And that isn’t even Terence's biggest worry—it’s being charged by the savage flesh-eating dinosaur he recognizes from an Earth History lesson. And when he meets a leprechaun and a beautiful red-headed colleen, Terence is sure he must have taken one cup too many and be dreaming it all.

But it's no dream. And while everything might not be entirely what it seems, it's a tragically real slave planet Terence has stumbled on. An evil tyrant called Brahnbru has arisen and enslaved the once peaceful and carefree populace. It's a situation no red-blooded Irishman could tolerate!

To free them, Terence finds he will have to stir into rebellion a people who have never dreamed of war, then secretly mold them into an army. It’s also a challenge no Irishman could resist. Now all Terence has to do is penetrate the mysterious Branuru's citadel, learn its vulnerabilities, and get back out alive. With a draught or two for a bracer and a kiss from the lips of the woman he loves, it's a trifle for a son of the old sod. All except the last part: getting out alive! Terence has been caught. His only hope is that what they say is true and you really can't keep a good Irishman down.

Here is a rollicking science fiction classic that, as you would expect from the work of Larry Maddock, will keep you thrilled and chuckling throughout. Fans of Xanth and Discworld should love this madcap sf novel!

"Since Leprechauns are not often found on other planets, I figured that this story was going to be an unusual mix…those who still read Burroughs’ science fantasy can enjoy this original adventure, too.

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