MYSTERY OF THE MATINEE MURDERS [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives 4] by Darryle Purcell

"A good time. Recommend it to all who like old western movies and serials, too." —The Adventure Continues

In this homage to the B-movie westerns and movie serials of yore, Hollywood Cowboy Detectives Curly Woods, Hoot Gibson and Ken Maynard join forces with action star "Crash" Corrigan and radio's Mercury Theatre stars Orson Welles and Ray Collins. Together the team pool their unique talents to entertain children, battle Nazi zombies, and discover the identity of a diabolical assassin, while fighting their mutual desire to strangle each other on a Hollywood junket in a celebrity- and danger-filled bus from southern California to the Golden Gate. Their fellow passengers include a roster of other actors and actresses, a radio announcer, a mute sound- effects specialist, a photographer, G-men, plus a talentless reporter and a psychic.

The action begins when fascist saboteurs place bounties on the heads of Curly, Hoot and Ken. From there the story hurtles pell-mell to San Francisco—or bust! And in a story within the story, the author tips his hat to one of the great old-time radio programs, The Shadow, in which Welles starred during the mid-1930s.

Categories SF - Novels , Science Fiction
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