THE COMPLETE DIANA THE HUNTRESS [Fantastic Femmes of the Comics] by Burton Geller

Ten action-packed adventures of the legendary goddess as she uses her bow to battle Nazi tanks, gat-toting mobsters—and more.

Diana the Huntress appeared as a backup feature in Yellowacket Comics, which ran ten issues in the mid-1940s. This graphic novel edition reprints all these adventures of Diana, the Greek goddess sent to Earth to help out mortals in their times of need.

Several online comic book sites share this description of the series: Diana the Huntress "…travels from her home on Mount Olympus under orders from her father Zeus to protect Greece from the Nazis. She could be summoned by anyone who found one of her arrows.  Her powers included flight, superhuman strength and agility. Diana also had a 'robe of concealment' allowing her to hide among mortals. She was a skilled archer and carried a magical bow and golden arrows.  She was assisted by her fellow Greek/Roman deities such as Apollo, Hercules, Zeus, Mercury and Discordia. Her enemies included Count Vesti."

But this description leaves out the fact that, as the war ends in mid-series, Diana ends up fighting a number of other fearsome threats such as criminal gangs, sorcery, and even the Titans before returning to Olympus as the series ended. Here again from the Golden Age of the Comic Books, with an informative introduction by classics scholar and comics fan, Wade Heaton, are all ten of Diana the Huntress' timeless exploits!

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