THE COMPLETE SLAVE GIRL COMICS [Fantastic Femmes of the Comics] by Howard Larsen

In her two-issue career, her nakedness only accentuated by her brightly colored harem costume, Malu the Slave Girl concurrently performed the dual roles of a BDSM sex fantasy and a strong woman who fights for love and freedom.  In the process, artist Howard Larsen created an iconic character that helped establish the Good Girl Art genre.

This full color collection includes all the Malu stories from both issues of Avon Comics, Inc.'s Slave Girl Comics.  Between the almost-camp title, the frequent pin-up poses of a nearly-nude woman bound by ropes and fighting for her life against a range of thugs with knives and swords, the generally uninhibited eroticism and the iconic covers, Slave Girl Comics still excites readers today.

Malu, the Slave Girl—actually the kidnapped princess of Ormuz—meets Garth, the Ormuzian soldier sent to free her. They escape and Garth vows to take Malu to her country. After a series of adventures where she is frequently enslaved, they get to her kingdom—where we discover that her evil uncle lusts for the throne and has her kidnapped again! At the end of the first issue they are sold into slavery on a pirate ship.

All this makes Slave Girl Comics a unique story—a combination of barbarian adventure, sex, and super-heroine romance, with perhaps a pinch of feminism. Stories include: The Banquet of Thuzp; The Bandits of Tal Azmut; The Slave Market of Manochr; The Pirates of Abmur; The Tower of Indecision, and others.

Both volumes in one ebook! With Introduction by comics authority Robert Gluckson, MA.

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