THE BULLETMAN OMNIBUS [Forgotten Golden Age Comic Book Superheroes] by Bill Parker

Return to the Golden Age of Comic Books with this first-ever, full-color omnibus reprinting seven classic adventures of Bulletman.

At first, he was a humble chemist and the son of a police officer—but when his father was was killed in the line of duty, Jim Barr became Bulletman and dedicated his life to fighting crime.

Bulletman's career as a chemist is far from over, even so; he'll need all his knowledge and equipment to develop his superpowers and special accoutrements—such as his Gravity Regulator Helmet (which is bullet-shaped, and thus the origin of his name) to deflect bullets, as well as greater muscle mass and brain power to battle criminals.

And Bulletman won't battle crime alone. Like most costumed superheroes (with the notable exception of Superman), he'll fight evil alongside a partner. Enter Bulletgirl.

In this new collection, Bulletman and Bulletgirl join forces to battle a headless ghost, the mysterious Mr. Who, the evil scientist Crackpot, and the well-dressed criminal known as The Dude—plus three more thrilling adventures. You'll also find an introduction which offers more vivid detail about Bulletman's origins.

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Author Page Bill Parker's Futures Past Editions eBooks
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