JASON, SON OF JASON [Jason Croft Trilogy #3—Uncut, Annotated] by J.U. Giesy

Uncensored, unabridged edition! Most ebook editions follow the hardcover which was gutted by almost one third.

Jason Croft had willed himself across the cosmic void, and found his soulmate on the planet Palos. But could the magnet of her love draw him safely to Palos forever, forsaking the mortal chains of his earthbound body? When Princess Naia and their infant son are taken prisoner by the most ruthless ruler on Palos, Jason Croft must return to become the virtual warlord of this strange world and bring them back home safely. Don't miss the startling spiritual conclusion to this mighty battle of armies and nations!

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
Author Page J. U. Giesy's Futures Past Editions eBooks
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