THE MOUTHPIECE OF ZITU [Jason Croft Trilogy #2—Uncut, Annotated] by J.U. Giesy

Here you'll find the only uncensored, unabridged ebook edition—other ebook editions are taken from the hardcover edition, which was censored and cut by one third!

Taking over the body of a dying man on another world who has just given up the ghost, astral traveler Jason Croft began his rise to power and his wooing of the Princess Naia in Palos of the Dog Star Pack. He saved her country and won her hand. But in this second novel in the Jason Croft trilogy, The Mouthpiece of Zitu, things get tricky when Croft returns to Palos, only to discover the council of priests has named him chief spokesman for their god, Zitu, who traditionally must be celibate and is barred from marriage. Even Princess Naia turns on him—at least until, as John J. Pierce says in Foundations of Science Fiction, "further wooing on a lofty astral plane overcomes her doubts."

But Jason must defeat even more powerful armies in order to lift the marriage ban. To do so, he "brings the industrial revolution to Tammarizia, introducing such wonders as electric power, automobiles, airplanes, modern weapons, democratic government and baseball to a world previously at approximately a Babylonian level in its culture." As the editorial staff of Famous Fantastic Mysteries noted when they reprinted Mouthpiece, it is "an outstanding masterpiece of that belongs in every fantastic fan's collection."

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