PALOS OF THE DOG STAR PACK [Jason Croft Trilogy #1—Uncut, Annotated] by J.U. Giesy

"Second only to Burroughs' John Carter!" —Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

Unabridged ebook edition!

Born in the pages of All Story magazine, the same magazine that gave John Carter birth, Palos of the Dog Star Pack is the novel that, as historian and critic John J. Pierce writes, "established the parameters for a school of created-world sf in which isolated heroes are transported to exotic worlds for more or less exotic adventures." The book's protagonist, Jason Croft, travels mentally to a world of Sirius, where he encounters romance and adventure. As Sam Moskowitz writes in Under the Moons of Mars, "He takes possession of the powerful body of Jason of Nodhur, a handsome but feeble-minded youth, at the moment of death, and sets out to win the hand of Naia, princess of Tamarizia. His knowledge of earthly science results in the advancement of the people of Palos." Moskowitz adds, "The story was fascinating and well told, in the precise tradition of Edgar Rice Burrough's [John Carter of Mars] series."

J.U. Giesy's Palos of the Dog Star Pack is truly a novel in the tradition of classic science fiction with all the unbridled adventure, color, romance and action of Burroughs, Leigh Brackett, C. L. Moore, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and the legendary golden age pulp, Planet Stories. It even bears, as the author said in another context, "philosophic lessons interwoven in the narrative."

The 1960s hardcover Avalon edition, from which most ebook editions take their text, was cut by more than a third, destroying the author's style and the story's logic. Now you can read the unabridged, original text of Palos of the Dog Star Pack as the author intended! And look for its two sequels (see the "Related Products" tab at right)! Special Introduction about the author and book.

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