Romance, Intrigue in this Contemporary Hard SF Classic!

Two women find themselves in a contest for a man—and the fate of the Earth—in this enthralling 1950s novel by Sam Merwin, Jr., author of the critically-acclaimed Elspeth Marriner alternate universe adventures (House of Many Worlds and Mission to Misenum).

Joyce Hartwick loves Miles Stannard. To many, Miles was just an average scientist, an expert in glaciers, part of a project to slowly drain the polar caps to provide fresh water and arable land for earth's ever-teeming billions. Miles has never even been to the moon! But he is smart, funny, and cute in his own way. Something had clicked between them, and Joyce thought she had Miles all to herself—until the fabulously wealthy Juan Wister invited them to one of his oh-so-exclusive parties and introduced Miles to Greta Saari, a Baltic bombshell with one of the best scientific minds on Earth!

Greta takes an immediate interest in Miles and, whether it is Greta's bikini or brains, Joyce doesn't know, but he seems to take an interest in her. Joyce senses something sinister in Greta and decides to protect Miles from her at all costs. It's an assignment made to order for Joyce, since she is a secret operative for Earth's government. What Joyce doesn't know is that Miles has becomes the center of galactic intrigue!

Then aliens with superior military technology seize the polar cap! Soon Joyce, Miles, and Greta find themselves rocketing to the Moon. The battle over Earth's water and future comes down to two women's battle over one man. Poor Miles! It's no picnic being the most important man in the universe!

The New York Times said Sam Merwin's novels are "Fast-moving adventure, told with engaging humor." The San Francisco Chronicle called them "exciting, modern science fiction." H. L. Gold of Galaxy magazine hailed them as "highly unusual, outstanding--realistic characters—an expert seasoning of thrills and horror."

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