ANIMATRONICA [Captain Spycer #3] by J. D. Crayne

"Funny!" says Hugo winner Larry Niven about science fiction of J. D. Crayne.

In the third adventure of Captain Spycer and her zany band of space heroes, the Earth is doomed! Or maybe it's Callisto that's doomed. On the other hand, perhaps it's just Anaheim, California. The only chance Earth has to avoid possible annihilation is to send the Command Force's intrepid Captain Sherilyn Spycer to the rescue! The Captain and her crew of stalwart civilization-savers are on their way, and the hero business may never be the same.

A rogue pleasure satellite, missing for over two hundred years, is about to crash through the solar system, causing widespread destruction, the downfall of civilization, and the violation of beautiful young women. That's what one eminent scientist claims, but he and his team of research geniuses are missing in action. They took off for the satellite two weeks ago, and haven't been heard from since. The date of destruction draws ever closer and doom is staring humanity square in the face.

Follow the incredible adventures of Captain Spycer and her crew as they brave the evil android Queen Animatronica, who is dedicated to the obliteration of all living things. Cheer them on as they face 150-meter rollercoasters and broken teeth from antique chocolate bars. It's danger, excitement, and nerve-tingling adventure, plus a lot of familiar faces that you know and love. The crew of the good ship RayRunner is on the job! The disembodied head of Professor Andre Groppe is here to imagine the unimaginable, while his scaly red aide, Col. Krabchake, is primarily interested in the satellite's savory green tree frogs. Rugged duraluminum robot Peter Decade has all of the answers, but only if someone asks the right questions. Dr. Brian Lefarge, the perpetually confused innocent, is certain that everybody means well and does the best he can with someone else's plastic arm. Space adventure at its very best; accept no substitutes!

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