TETRAGRAVITRON [Captain Spycer #1] by J. D. Crayne

Saving the World has Never Been so Much Fun!

J. D. Crayne's newest book is a rollicking and hilarious space adventure that pays unabashed homage to science fiction greats of the past. Here is a book with touches of Red Dwarf, Farscape, Terry Prachett's Discworld, E. E. Smith's Lensmen, and Jean-Claude Forest's Barbarella.

Tetragravitron is classic interstellar adventure with a bit of a feminist twist, and its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. The Earth hovers on the brink of destruction as black-robed Phanot, evil ruler of an alien empire, aims an artificial quasar at the solar system! The only person who can save the world from this horrific threat is gorgeous, red-headed, emerald-eyed Captain Spycer of the Command Fleet.

Accompanied by her trusty companions—Peter, a pain-in-the-rear robot, Colonel Krabchake, a scaly red alien with attitude, and the pickled head of her astrophysics teacher, plus a naive little anthropologist named Brian—Captain Spycer must rocket straight into the enemy's clutches and allow herself to be captured, in hopes of discovering the secret of Phanot's awesome weapon.

Taken prisoner, she and her dauntless crew find they face the threat not only of the cruel, despotic Phanot, but of his suave nephew, Prince Agramon, a man with wide-ranging interests—from hunting the local population to harboring designs on Captain Spycer's virtue—and his sister, Princess Carnadine, a sultry, white-haired, ruby-eyed beauty with taste for naïve little virgins like Brian, and the hot irons to brand them with!

If Captain Spycer and her crew survive these perils, they still have to find Phanot's weapon, the mysterious tetragravitron, an ancient device of unspeakable power that lies hidden away in the depths beneath his great citadel. With time running out and the fate of the solar system hanging by a thread, our courageous heroine finds herself helplessly imprisoned behind dungeon walls.

Can Captain Spycer and her companions escape from the Phanot's prison in time to thwart his fiendish plot and save the Earth? Can the gentle six-legged hargs save themselves and their world from the Phanot's retribution? And will innocent young Brian ever understand the words to that indelicate song the pickled head was singing? Follow the pulse-pounding, comical, and always bizarre adventures of Captain Spycer's determined but motley crew as they do their level best to save civilization from destruction!

J. D. Crayne writes"funny stuff" says Nebula and Hugo winner Larry Niven. Everett Bedford, author of "Alexandra's Awakening," calls the first Captain Spycer adventure, "More fun than The Incredibles. And just as incredible. This romp through science fiction's more tropical tropes is witty, suspenseful, and laugh-aloud funny. Also scantily-clad."

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