SATURN STOLEN & Other Mind-Boggling Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror by J. D. Crayne

One of the biggest bargains in fantastic reading today. Seven short stories by this modern master of science fiction, fantasy and horror never-before reprinted, plus "Saturn Stolen", formerly published under the title "Cosmic Wheel" as an independent novel—all for $4.99.

Here are unforgettable tales seasoned with biting satire and a dash of humor. Hugo and Nebula winner Larry Niven call's J. D. Crayne's work "Dark humor. Funny stuff." Inside you will find a pair of stories featuring her small town detective Lt. Mark Stoddard; a brand new tale of that feline genius with a nose for detection, Lucky Pierre; three horror tales guaranteed to shock the most jaded; and "Dogmeat Man", a science fiction short you will not soon forget. Then there is the dangerously provocative "Saturn Stolen", in which a strange fate befalls our only ringed neighbor, the jewel of the solar system.

The author calls this title novel, "A black comedy, not recommended for the staid or easily offended."

Cover art: Laura Givens

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