HYPERATOMACHIA [Captain Spycer #2] by J. D. Crayne

Interstellar Adventuring Has Never Been so Funny—Or so Dangerous!

Move over Robert Asprin and Piers Anthony, science fiction has a new uncrowned king of comedy—and space opera! Hard on the heels of the side-splitting, hair-raising bestseller Tetragravitron, comes an all new adventure of space heroine Captain Spycer and her trusty crew—robot Peter Decade, scaly red Col. Krabchake, lewd and lecherous Prof. Groppe, and that wide-eyed innocent Brian Lefarge—off to save the universe in their cosmic-powered ship.

In this new challenge, our stalwart crew is looking for the evil masterminds behind some mysterious force that sucks the power out of stars, leaving their satellites frigid and lifeless. This hilarious adventure pits our courageous heroes against the rulers of a lost colony. The colonists' aim? To set off an explosion at the center of the universe which will equal the Big Bang and return the cosmos to utter chaos!

The Captain and her trusty crew pit their collective wits against the Archchancellor and his evil College of Chancellors, who claim that mystic revelations from a mysterious Dreamer at the core of the world command them to commit suicide on a grand scale—taking the rest of the universe along with them. Along the way, our intrepid band of rescuers meet a cast of fascinating characters that pay homage to science fiction and fantasy greats of the past. The gorgeous Captain meets a merciless Emperor while timid Brian Lefarge finds romance with a platinum blonde. Prof. Groppe learns to push buttons without hands, and the crew learns the source of the tooth-resistant sausage in their backpacks.

Explosions, force fields, and tsunamis stand in their way, as well as giant insects, thundering avalanches, and freezing cold, but the Captain and her crew fight the odds and race against time to save the universe from dissolution. Meanwhile, the evil Archchancellor plots to send them all to Dreamland via his mysterious hypneratomachia system, a device that suspends heretics in limbo, at the mercy of the worst nightmares imaginable!

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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