INFINITE POWER DEFIED [The Amarrilis Chronicles Book 1] by Simone Chiodini

An astonishing and innovative romantic space opera!

Amarrilis Halai-Tam is a soldier in a matriarchy that controls the known multiverse. She is an aristocrat and the lover of General Sebaren Jorram-Rai. Her assignment is simple; she must neutralize Colonel Nathaniel Carollan who is not part of the matriarchy. She infiltrates his lodge where he lives among his troops. She finds herself falling dangerously in love with him. Torn between two men and two loyalties she finds herself caught in a web of military intrigue.

Jodie Wise is a young woman who doesn't know much about the world she lives on, and is ignorant of the multiverse. She has the instincts to survive. Her innocence is about to be shattered by the impending war between the people of her world and the matriarchy.


Simone Chiodini has traveled extensively throughout the USA and Southern Europe. Traveling is one of her greatest passions, second only to telling stories. A former resident of Michigan and current resident of California, she hopes to one day return to Italy where she has family.

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