Hilarious Misadventures in the Past!

Only Arthur K. Barnes, creator of the inimitable Gerry Carlyle, Interplanetary Huntress, could have dreamed up anyone as droll and original as Pete Manx. A top reader favorite when they appeared in the legendary Golden Age pulp Thrilling Wonder Stories, this Futures Past edition marks the first-ever appearance of this series in book form, and their first-ever appearance in more than half a century.

Carnival barker, conman and small-time crook, Pete Manx is always in trouble of one kind or another. To save himself, he heads for the laboratory of his friend Dr. Mayhem. There, to satisfy the slightly-crazed doctor's curiosity about the past, Manx is sent back in time, where his attempts to line his pockets with a classic grift soon reduce King Arthur's or Julius Caesar's court, or the Trojan War, or Robin Hood's outlaws, to uproarious shambles. The inevitable result is that Pete is soon in hotter water than before. For Pete Manx is no mere time traveler, but a time troubler, first class. Whenever he goes, trouble follows. Join his dizzy misadventures in "Roman Holidaze," "The Grief of Bagdad," "Robin Hoodwinked," "Knight Must Fall," and "The Greeks Had a War for It."

Also included are two rare peeks behind the scenes in which Barnes shares the stories of how "Roman Holidaze" and "Knight Must Fall" came to be written.

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