THE INTERPLANETARY HUNTRESS RETURNS [The Adventures of Gerry Carlyle #2] by Arthur K. Barnes

The Interplanetary Huntress returns for more of the unique blend of action, humor and romance that made Femme Fatales, a website devoted to "pulp's crime-fighting heroines," proclaims her "an adventuress of the first water."

Here is more of the interplanetary "bring-'em-back-alive" gal, Gerry Carlyle, science fiction's first heroine. First, she's off to the moon to rescue a colony from certain death when the heat, oxygen and gravity fail due to the chilling menace of the energy-eaters.

But Luna is only the launching pad for her real adventure, a rocket voyage around the sun for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rendezvous with Almussen's comet—where she comes face-to-face with the "seven sleepers"—a dangerous alien lifeform within the comet! When danger calls, when the odds are long, when men are helpless—that's when the icy-eyed Gerry Carlyle arrives on the scene. (And you can be sure her carefree, sardonic co-pilot, Tommy Strike, the man she loves to hate and hates to love, won't be far behind!)

Return to the thrilling futures of yesteryear, before computers were invented, before spaceflight grew tame, when women and men rocketed from planet to planet in search of—and finding—high adventure and a life that challenged them to be the most they could be. As Galaxy Science Fiction put it: "This will take you back to the good old days of S-F—the days of monsters and gimmicks.... The heyday of Gerry Carlyle, the fabulously gorgeous interplanetary hunter—sizzling stuff—surprisingly readable. If you like a huge collection of assorted BEMs and well-thought-out gimmicks in tight situations, you will assuredly go for this."

The second in a three-volume edition. See the "Related Products" tab for Volumes 1 and 3!

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