THE INTERPLANETARY HUNTRESS [The Adventures of Gerry Carlyle #1] by Arthur K. Barnes

Science Fiction's First Heroine, Available Again at Last!

Out of print for more than 50 years! Here again at last are the action-packed exploits of Gerry Carlyle, Interplanetary Huntress, on assignment from the London Interplanetary Zoo to capture the rarest alien lifeforms in the solar system—and "bring 'em back alive." The only fly in the ointment of this intrepid woman is pilot Tommy Strike, who's just as determined to prove no woman is his superior. Their battles with the most fearsome of otherworldly critters are nothing compared to their battle with each other!

Interplanetary Huntress: The Adventures of Gerry Carlyle #1 by Golden Age science fiction writer Arthur K. Barnes is delightful, lighthearted interplanetary adventure from the pages of the legendary pulps. Here are the trio of classic novelettes that introduced the woman who the Femme Fatales: Pulp's Crime-Fighting Heroines website hails as an "adventuress of the first water. She traveled to distant planets to collect exotic specimens to bring to Earth's zoos." Gerry, known as "the interplanetary bring 'em back alive girl" was inspired by those real life bring-'em-back-alive African wild animal trappers of the 1930s, Clyde Beaty and Frank Buck.

In the first volume of her adventures Gerry, determined to prove herself the superior of any man, takes on the giant, saw-tongued whiposarus of Venus, the deadly twinned menace of the dual world, and the fire-breathing, rocklike Cacus of Satellite V.

Genre historian Sam Moskowitz calls her "master science fictioneer Barnes's most original creation, whose exploits combined thrilling space opera with a hilarious, romantic battle of the sexes." Imagine Rosalind Russell and Clark Gable in a typical South Seas comedy-adventure movie, then mentally transpose it to outer space and you have an idea of what happens when the indomitable Gerry Carlyle and Tommy Strike cross paths. As Amazing Stories noted, "Between watching the intrepid pair capture or slaughter the BEMs [bug-eyed monsters], and then squabble among themselves, there's plenty of action for any deep-dyed thud-and-blunder fan."

Even after seventy years, their adventures "are still surprisingly readable—sizzling stuff. If you like a huge collection of assorted BEMs and well-thought-out gimmicks in tight situations, you will assuredly go for this," according to Galaxy Science Fiction. "I loved Gerry Carlyle," said sci-fi master A. E. Van Vogt. You'll love Gerry Carlyle, too!

The first in a three-volume edition. See the "Related Products" tab for Volumes 2 and 3!

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