THE INTERPLANETARY HUNTRESS’ LAST CASE [The Adventures of Gerry Carlyle #3] by Arthur K. Barnes

The Saga of a Classic SF Heroine Concludes!

Gerry Carlyle, the Interplanetary Huntress who brought 'em back alive from the jungles of Mars, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter in the golden days of the science fiction pulps, returns for a final outing, up against the most dangerous challenge in the nine planets!

When the sexist Professor Erasmus Kurtt insultingly challenges her to prove she's the "better man" in a race to Saturn and back to capture the planet's deadliest lifeform, Gerry's blood boils—and it's off for Saturn with her fiancee, Tommy Strike, at the helm of her atom-powered rocketship, The Ark.

But Erasmus Kurtt is no professor; he's a ruthless schemer with a secret plan of his own. Soon, the Interplanetary Huntress soon finds herself marooned on Saturn, her ship sabotaged, while she must lead her crew into barehanded battle against the sharp-clawed, ten-foot Dermaphos, the eight-legged Kite, and the superdeadly Gora.

Treachery, secrets, a friendly alien race, and a last-minute battle against monsters that test Gerry Carlyle's knowledge and skills to the limit show why Galaxy Science Fiction said, "This will take you back to the good old days of S-F. The heyday of Gerry Carlyle, the fabulously gorgeous interplanetary hunter ... sizzling stuff ... surprisingly readable. If you like a huge collection of assorted BEMs and well-thought-out gimmicks in tight situations, you will assuredly go for this."

Out of print for over fifty years, The Interplanetary Huntress' Last Case is the third and final volume in the Futures Past Editions republication of the adventures of the fabulous Gerry Carlyle. If you haven't read them yet, see the "Related Products" tab for Volumes 1 and 2!

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