PROTEKTOR by Charles Platt


From the multiple award-nominee and winning science fiction author!

In the far future, immortality treatments and boundless material resources are delivered across the galaxy by The Protektorate, a network of benevolent AIs. The system serves every human need, yet is a cybernetic dictatorship.

A few rebels refuse to sacrifice their personal freedom in exchange for health, wealth, and happiness. On the pleasure world of Agorima, the misfits sabotage a utopian society, which quickly disintegrates into chaos.

James McCray is an anomalyst whose idiosyncratic mix of skills suits him for combat with the terrorist rebels. A computer engineer who doubles as a special investigator, McCray is a rulebreaker by nature, constrained only by his auton, a humanoid robot who serves the status-quo. Soon McCray finds himself dealing with opponents who are immensely wealthy and totally corrupt, assisted by Eva Chang, a charismatic journalist who develops a love-hate relationship with him.

Notable for its complex future scenario supported by authentic computer science, Protektor poses challenging questions about ethics and liberty. Written by the multiple award-nominee and winning science fiction author Charles Platt, this novel of breathtaking suspense has been hailed as a masterpiece of cyberpunk.

“Action-adventure cyberpunk, easy to read, gripping, entertaining and irresistible. Highly recommended, especially for fans of William Gibson style cyberpunk.” Amazon review

“A well-plotted, fast-paced, and imaginative look into the future . . . a book where ideas drive the plot. Above all, Platt’s work is full of surprises.” Washington Post

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