DREAM MAKERS, Vol. 2: The Uncommon Men and Women who Write Science Fiction by Charles Platt

Intimate, revealing, insightful conversations with Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen King, Larry Niven, Joanna Russ, Fritz Leiber, William S. Burroughs, Jack Vance, Joan D. Vinge, Piers Anthony, L. Ron Hubbard, James Tiptree Jr., Theodore Sturgeon and 16 more masters of science and speculative fiction. Conducted by editor and writer Charles Platt.


“In nearly every instance, Platt is successful at creating a three-dimensional portrait that firmly places the writer in the context of his or her own life. By doing so he has taken a major step toward placing their writings in context and illuminating the workings of the imaginative mind.” —The South Bend Tribune


“A small monument to the art of listening. Real personalities are revealed. Eccentric, noisy, quarrelsome, irreverent, and likable.” —The Charlotte Observer


"Platt does an exemplary job at the difficult task of providing a balanced picture of each of his subjects... These are some of the best (interviews) I've ever seen. Held me spellbound for hours.” —Analog


“Simply and absolutely must-reading for anyone who reads … science fiction and who is curious about the authors. Excellently-done profiles by a writer who has a keen eye for the inner person and the outer clue.” —Fantasy Newsletter


“Anyone who reads SF regularly will want Dream Makers, Vol. II. A fascinating book about fascinating people.” —Newsday


“I fell on it, I've been devouring it, I have read it so impatiently that I have even skipped passages that interested me ... lapping it up, laughing, groaning.” —Brian W. Aldiss


Complete listing of authors interviewed:

Jerry Pournelle
Larry Niven
Christopher Priest
William S. Burroughs
Arthur C. Clarke
Alvin Toffler
John T. Sladek
D. M. Thomas
Keith Roberts
Piers Anthony
Keith Laumer
Joe Haldeman
Fritz Leiber
Robert Anton Wilson
Poul Anderson
Jack Vance
Theodore Sturgeon
L. Ron Hubbard
Joanna Russ
Janet E. Morris
Joan D. Vinge
Harry Harrison
Donald A. Wollheim
Edward L. Ferman
Kit Reed
James Tiptree Jr.
Stephen King
Charles Platt

Critics and authors agree, Dream Makers 1 & 2 are two of the most informative and fascinating books about science fiction and its authors you’ll ever read!

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