FREE ZONE by Charles Platt

Hugo, Locus and Prometheus Award finalist—every major science fiction theme in one volume—the only science fiction novel you'll ever need!

Free Zone has been compared with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! “...but Platt is the better writer, and Free Zone is the better book.”—Washington Post Book World

In a disintegrating Los Angeles of the near future, fearless biker Dusty McCullough defends the Free Zone against intelligent dinosaurs, talking dogs, and barbarians from the Earth's core. Can she and her genius hacker boyfriend beat their enemies into submission before the invading horde of snaliens devour them all?

“Good, wacky, over-the-top fun!” —Goodreads

"An everything including the kitchen sink send-up of distopian sci-fi in a near-future Los Angeles 'free zone' where a freebooting woman is leading a semi-autonomous urban geography of misfits and freaks. The author touches on every conceivable theme used in science fiction (time travel, aliens, ESP, etc) and references several bodies of sci-fi work as well as specific authors. A great spoof book, equal parts humor and adventure. Extremely entertaining for anyone who has extensively read sci-fi to treasure hunt all the subtle and not so subtle references. This had me howling with laughter. Highly recommended." —Amazon review

“You’ll enjoy the book more if you put your brain in neutral and go along for the ride. Free Zone is a mostly successful spoof/pastiche.” —Aboriginal Science Fiction

"A delightful science fiction fantasy novel set in a parallel universe where Los Angeles is a chaotic dictatorship with a libertarian Free Zone in the middle of it. We know it's an alternate universe because ours is referenced in it by the super-intelligent robot from the future who stumbles upon it while threading time-space looking for a better place for the combat-grrl president of the Free Zone and her geek boyfriend, his friends. This is because the Free Zone is being invaded by hyper-intelligent dogs, aliens, dinosaurs and subterranean troglodytes all at about the same time. Fortunately, the Hell's Angels are there to save L.A. from these lesser terrors." —Amazon review

“This book has everything.” —Goodreads

Free Zone contains a list of over twelve dozen sci-fi themes used in the book.

Cover: Michael Marrak

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