THE DICTATOR’S SISTER by Stanley G. Weinbaum


"Stanley G. Weinbaum was a leader of science fiction, with his easy style and realistic descriptions. [The Dictator's Sister] is a darned good story. What a writer that man was." —Isaac Asimov

Steel Jeffers stood America's enemies and his personal enemies up against the wall and had them shot without a trial. His ability to stir crowds to blind enthusiasm with fear and glowing promises had won him the presidency of the United States. The scores of yes-men—Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and minor officials—all carefully handpicked because they had sworn subservience to him and not the Constitution, had made Steel Jeffers Dictator.

But his own sister, who had once supported him uncritically, had deserted the cause and disappeared as he tightened his iron grip ruthlessly around democracy's throat day by day. Simeon Baldwin, head of the growing underground movement to remove Steel Jeffers from office, felt there was something suspicious about her disappearance he had to find out, and he had the perfect man for the job: the Dictator's personal military aide, Lieutenant Jack Adams, of the Federal Guards. Lt. Adams took one look at her photograph and gulped, he knew he would do anything to find her if she were still alive and to avenge her if she had been murdered.

Thus begins one of the strangest and most brilliant science fiction novels ever written by Stanley G. Weinbaum, one of its most influential practitioners. The Dictator's Sister is reprinted straight from the pages of the October 1938 Amazing Stories where it was dubbed "best in issue" by all the readers who wrote into in the magazine's letter department. Here is one of science fiction's greatest classics—brimming with adventure, peril, romance, sound science and pointed social commentary. A visionary novel from the 1930s with a scientific twist you will never forget, and which will set many readers thinking, even today—over eight decades later.

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