WORLD OF IF: The Classic of Alternate Futures by Rog Phillips

Hugo Nominee's Classic Novel of Possible Earths!

What if a single event in the past had a different result? What would the world be like? Dr. Simon Finch offers John Dow the possibility of entering such a world of 'if'.

Finch is especially interested in having John visit this particular World of If because previous volunteers have mentioned John in their own reports. Finch is eager to find out if John's experiences will be similar. John agrees, and brings along one of his employees and best friend, Joe Pace, to keep tabs on the proceedings. John has a feeling Finch has ulterior motives. There are some results the good doctor prefers not to share with his 'volunteer.'

Once under hypnosis, John goes back to the mid '50s when the presidential election has alternate results. Reflecting '50s Cold War concerns, the United States has been taken over by Communism and life is 'iffy' at best. While Dow may have the same job and family, the possibilities in this world are intriguing as well as dangerous. Survival is a matter of going along with the establishment and ruthlessly grabbing whatever opportunities present themselves. One wrong move or word and your life is over.

Here is a perceptive thinker's suspenseful take on the big issues of his time that still have eerie implications for our own. "Phillips is a master!" raved Robert Silverberg. Rog Philips Hugo Award nominee novelette, Rat in the Skull, is also available from Futures Past Editions.

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