THE BLACK FLAME: The Classic Science Fiction Romance by Stanley G. Weinbaum

She Ruled the World, but Not Her Own Heart!

Margot of Urbs and her brother were brilliant scientists and immortal tyrants who had stopped Earth's decline back into savagery after a devastating series of wars. But their harsh rule, designed to eradicate those who would destabilize the Pax Urbana, had earned them many enemies who were determined to revolt at the first chance.

Then a man from the past awakens and changes the balance of power, for he joins those who are determined to rule against the cool, imperious, raven-haired Margot, also known as the Black Flame. But instead of hatred, the two spark flames of romance. What Margot does not know is that he intends to betray her and her brother at the first opportunity.

Here is unforgettable romance, deft characterization, and spellbinding pulp storytelling from Startling Stories by Stanley G. Weinbaum, who Isaac Asimov calls "a science fiction nova!"

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