THAT MAN FROM SATURN by Harriet Frank, Jr.

Out of the stars … and into her heart—a lost science fiction romcom novel by an academy award winning writer!

Harriet Frank Jr.'s novels are:

"Fast paced and clever." —Chicago Tribune
"Excellent reading." —Hartford Courant
"Bright, fresh, bubbly." —Baltimore Sun

Betsy Simms' crazy about a guy named Yrtxxe, whose skin is green and whose address is Saturn. Betsy dug him out of a test tube one night and hasn't been quite the same since. . .

Yrtxxe isn't easy for a woman to handle. For one thing, his idea of lovemaking is to take a walk in the park and think at Betsy. That might be hot stuff up among Saturn's rings, but Betsy wants the real thing!

And then a sleek slice named Leda comes along and loads Yrtxxe up with ticker-tape parades, keys to the city, and a Presidential reception—and Betsy has more action than she knows what to do with!

From the typewriter of Harriet Frank Jr., Academy Award winning screenwriter of Hud, Norma Rae, The Cowboys, and many others, comes this delightfully dizzy romantic comedy based on her never-filmed movie treatment.

First published in Amazing Stories (1953), then edited by her fellow screenwriter Howard Brown (The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Capone, Banacek, Mission Impossible), this daffy novel of an out-of-this-world love affair has languished unreprinted for more than sixty years.

"Harriet Frank Jr. writes novels in which humanity abounds, in which there is love, tolerance and humor." —The Franklin Indiana Daily Journal

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