“It was Amazing Stories all the way with me.” —Isaac Asimov

“A delightful find … an anthology series that attempts to collect the early days of perhaps the greatest SF magazine, Amazing Stories, the Grand Old Lady of the pulps. The editors also include the interior illustrations, including work by Frank R. Paul and F. S. Hynd.” —Black Gate

1928 saw the first, and very memorable, appearances in Amazing of science fiction masters and future award winners Jack Williamson and Edmond Hamilton, plus a prescient ecological story by Clare Winger Harris, a queasy and hilarious fourth-dimensional romp by Miles J. Breuer M.D., an uncannily astute prediction of the cultural problems the automobile age would bring by satirist David H. Keller M.D., Charles Clooney’s dazzling consideration of what happens when the first bullet is fired on the Moon, an affecting human document by Edwin K. Slat mixing the adventure of flight to Venus with a touching love story and characters you will not soon forget, and architect Harold Donitz’ amazing vision of his architectural future, which uncannily resembles our own 21st century. Plus a thought-provoking Introduction covering the year in review for Amazing Stories, along with the original magazine blurbs and illustrations for each story.

“Five stars! Everything I had hoped for!!! This book will become a prize in my collection. I love the very colorful artwork on the front and back pages. The stories contain the original artwork from the original "Amazing Stories" magazine. The 9 X 6 size is perfect for reading, not a large as a magazine, but not as small as a mass market paperback. This book makes me feel very nostalgic and transports my mind back to the time when the stories were originally written. Sci-Fi Fans, this is a Great book!!” —Amazon Review

“Five stars! Please make more of these anthologies! I love old pulp stories. Amazing Stories with its scientifiction stories didn't disappoint. My favorites in this collection being "The Plague of the Living Dead", "The Machine Man of Ardathia", "The Tissue-Culture King", and of course a Lovecraft story to top it all off "The Colour out of Space". I really hope they make more of these anthologies. This being my first.” —Amazon review

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