THE BEST OF AMAZING STORIES: The 1943 Anthology [Special Retro-Hugo Edition]


Despite so many authors being off at the front fighting WWII, 1943 was a pretty good year for Amazing Stories. At the start of 1944, when readers traditionally wrote in to select their best-of-the-year lists, the most frequently cited were: “The Machine,” “The Devil’s Planet,” “Me—the People,” “When the Darkness Came,” “War Worker 17,” “The Powerful Pipsqueak,” “Daughter of Destiny,” “The Degenerate Mr. Smith,” “The Pacifist of Hell’s Island,” “Rats in the Belfry,” “Carbon-Copy Killer,” “The Chameleon Man,” “Enigma of the City,” “The Lost Warship,” and “Pop Gun.” In this special Retro Hugo collection, which contains many of the aforementioned favorites, which we agree are worthy of award consideration.

“A fantastic collection of top-of-the-line scifi adventures from a time when they were written by the very best.” —Ralph Greco, Jr., Amazon 5-Star review.

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