AMAZING STORIES: Giant 35th Anniversary Issue—April 1961

Futures Past Editions and Amazing Stories Classics are proud to present the first-ever reprinting of this legendary double-length collection of the very best of Amazing Stories' first three and a half decades.

Inside you'll find such classic tales as Eando Binder's twice-televised "I, Robot"; Edgar Rice Burroughs' immortal "John Carter and the Giant of Mars"; Philip Francis Nowlan's first Buck Rogers story, "Armageddon: 2419 A.D."; Edmond Hamilton's haunting "Devolution"; Ray Bradbury's groundbreaking "I, Rocket"; R. F. Starzl's romantic "Out of the Sub-Universe" and more. Plus a very special memoir by Amazing Stories founder Hugo Gernsback on the events that led to the publication of the magazine's first issue.

Long considered a seminal anthology, this special reprint of Amazing Stories' Giant 35th Anniversary issue belongs on every fan's bookshelf. As a bonus, the ebook edition contains the covers for each issue of Amazing Stories from which these stories were selected.

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