THE SWORD OF LANKOR by Larry Maddock

There were four of them. Three were bipeds of various hues, but with subtle differences which indicated strikingly dissimilar origins. The fourth was smooth, pale, egg-shaped with two eyestalks. They had come across thousands of light years to the primitive planet Lankor to collect the glowing, blood-red crystals so valuable to galactic civilization.

But Lankor was a heavy-gravity planet they could never set foot on. The crystals were closely guarded—so to gather the crystals for them, they needed the strongest and smartest man on Lankor.

Thuron the barbarian was the strongest, but hardly the smartest. Garr was the smartest, but he was hardly the strongest—and he was certainly not a man. Gaar was one of the despised cat-people. Together Thuron and Gaar would be the greatest fighting team Lankor had ever seen—conquerors of the planet and masters of the crystals. But first they had to be brought together—and learn not to despise each other!

Take a pinch of Conan, a dash of Middle Earth, and a generous helping of Larry Maddock's comic imagination—and your result will be what Hugo and Nebula winner Donald A. Wollheim rightly called "A terrific science fiction adventure!" by the writer whose work Analog hailed as "Lively fun!"

An enthralling science fantasy novel by the author of the now-classic Agent of T.E.R.R.A. series.

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