THE TIME TRAP GAMBIT [Agent of T.E.R.R.A. Book 4] by Larry Maddock

If There Were No Hannibal Fortune...

EMPIRE, the evil force of time-criminals, never interfered with history unless they had a good reason—and this time, their reason was the most devious of all. EMPIRE was altering Earth's timeline, making Rome lose the Second Punic War...all because this tampering was certain to lure T.E.R.R.A.'s top agent, Hannibal Fortune.

And EMPIRE wanted Hannibal Fortune, wanted him dead. So they trapped him in otherwhen, in a time period he'd already been in, thus violating the deadly Rule of Doubletime: no man can exist twice in the same moment.

It meant that Hannibal Fortune would simply not exist at all.

Don't miss this classic time travel adventure first published in 1970. Here is what Analog - Science Fact & Fiction said when it first came out:

"The is the fourth—and by far the best—of the 'Agent of T.E.R.R.A.' time-agent series. T.E.R.R.A. (Temporal Entropy Restructure and Repair Agency) is dedicated to keeping the time threads untangled when others try to remake the past and future to their own advantage.

"This time something is going wrong in the war between Carthage and Rome. The victors are becoming the vanquished—so Hannibal Fortune and his symbiotic buddy Webley are sent back to 203 B.C. to find out what is happening and see that it is fixed before the history of Planet Earth—Galactic Federation No. 38—runs wild. He does, he finds the baddies on the scene trying to make Rome lose, and he is suckered into violating some of the basics of time travel, in particular the Rule of Doubletime—no man can exist twice at the same time.

"One of the best time-travel adventures in a long time."

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