CREATURES, INC. [The Adventures of Webley, Symbiote #1] by Larry Maddock

The Lost Adventures of Agent of T.E.R.R.A.'s Webley, Alien Symbiote!

Before everyone's favorite, acerbic symbiote joined forces with Hannibal Fortune and T.E.R.R.A., "he" starred in three stories about the doings of Creatures, Inc.

This trio of Webley tales has never been reprinted, and since it appeared in a poorly circulated British science fiction magazine and remained virtually unknown for more than four decades. Filled with the same delightful wit as the Agent of T.E.R.R.A. novels, these early Webley outings were introduced by the British editor this way when presenting "Creatures, Inc.," the first of these stories: "Humor in science fiction is more often that not conspicuous by its absence. It is therefore more than a pleasure to introduce a new author who presents a strong streak of satire in his first story."

This first set of Webley tales is set against a future of spaceports and star travel (as conceived by its author in the early '60s) in which Bill Grant is unable to find a place or make a living—until he meets a certain symbiote! Soon, the pair has discovered a way they can make a living together by providing an indispensable service their future world truly needs! Another uproarious 1960s Larry Maddock science fiction classic.

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