THE LAST OF THE STAR KINGS: The Lost Finale [The Two Thousand Centuries] by Edmond Hamilton

The newly discovered finale to the Star Kings saga!

As Analog said of The Star Kings, here you will find "Roistering adventure, beautiful heroines, color and imagery, a final world-smashing slug-fest. Good fun.”

Edmond Hamilton's The Star Kings (Amazing Stories, 1949) is one of the jewels in the crown of early space opera, rivaled only by E. E. Smith's Lensmen Series and Jack Williamson's Legion of Space Saga. Unbeknownst to most, however, in 1957 Hamilton penned two additional novels in the Star Kings universe, both of which languished undiscovered in the pages of Imaginative Tales until earlier this year when the editors of Futures Past Editions found both stories, one—set millennia after the events of The Star Kings—the capstone to the entire saga.

Here, for the first time restored to their place as part of the worlds of the Star Kings, are those two epic tales: The Star Hunter, which tells the origin story of one of the great star kingdoms, and The Tattooed Man, the tale of a quest for a legendary location—one that turns out to be the long fallen throneworld of the Star Kings empire. Here is one of the three grandmasters of classic space opera, writing at the top of his form. The books are fast-moving, poetic, romantic, cosmic in conception, but at the same time matured in outlook.

The Last of the Star Kings is a Futures Past pulp reprint "Ultimate Edition". In addition to the original magazine text of the story, this ebook edition features a new introduction, Edmond Hamilton's own chronology covering the two thousand centuries between our own time and that of the Star Kings, plus newly discovered material about the millennia that follow, biographical sketch by Hamilton himself, the magazine covers for The Star Hunter and The Tattooed Man in full color, and notes on how the dates of both stories were established.

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