SON OF TWO WORLDS [The Two Thousand Centuries] by Edmond Hamilton

Young Stephen Drew, Martian, Crosses Space to Visit an Earth He has Never Seen—and Finds that His Destination is the Planet of the Double Cross!

Follow the adventures of an Earthman who views a futuristic world of wonder—and longs for Mars! Stephen Drew is his Earth name, but Ark Avul is his Martian name, and he has never been off the Red Planet before. When he goes to the mother world and meets his late father's business partner, he finds himself the center of a scheme to frame him and bilk him of his share of the system's wealthiest Tranium mine.

With every Earthman's hand against him, he must run and fight for his life. His only hope is his enemy's secretary Josephine Duff, who is loyal to her boss—and the only Earthwoman who wants to help him, Gloria Shayne, is secretly in his enemy's pay. From Martian rock-dragons to super-cities of Tomorrow's science to floating gardens to the oppressed Martian ghetto, Ark Avul races to preserve his own life, liberate the suffering people of Mars, and bring a power-mad Earthman to justice.

Yet, when he does, it will cost him the one woman he truly loves!

Takes place early in Hamilton's trail-blazing future history chronicles, The Two Thousand Centuries.

Cover: from a painting by Rudolph Belarski for the original magazine appearance.

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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