SO SHALL YE REAP! The Lost 1947 Pulp Magazine Classic by Rog Phillips

Hugo Award finalist author Rog Phillips launched his career with this then-highly-controversial science fiction novel. It was a simple little discovery, worked out mathematically—but it made the atom bomb seem inconsequential.

The year is 2196, as seen from 1947. Most of humanity has been wiped out—not by atomic war, but by an atomic chain reaction. The rest huddle underground, safe from mutant creatures of all kinds, while struggling to find a way to reverse the process that led to Earth's demise.

You are about to read a real treasure: The never-reprinted, and at the time highly controversial, debut novel (previously published only in the December 1947 issue of Amazing Stories) of a major science fiction writer of the 1940s. This first-ever book edition is even more of a landmark because it also features the original magazine editor's introduction of the author and the story, as well as an article the author wrote a few issues later defending his controversial premise and detailing the science behind it, including mathematical formulas.

"Phillips is the master of a new type of sf writing. Adventure, but plenty of thick, fascinating scientific information." —Robert Silverberg, Hugo & Nebula winner

"A very interesting story, well written and well plotted. I read it at one sitting. First rate!" —W. Paul Ganley, Weirdbook

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