THREE MORE CLASSIC SF ADVENTURE NOVELS: Omega; The Survivors; Rebels of the Red Planet

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First from the award-winning Robert Sheckley is the tale of Will Barret, exiled to the criminal planet, Omega, for a crime he can't remember committing. There he fights for his life and sanity as he tries to survive in the twisted, criminal culture of Omega.

Next, Tom "Cold Equations" Godwin tell the gripping story of rejects from Earth, exiled to a frigid, deadly world where they become the victims of a predatory alien civilization and must spend every day of their lives, and every ounce of courage, to assure that their children have a tomorrow at all.

Finally, master pulp novelist Charles L. Fontenay spins one of his greatest adventures. Dark Kensington was a Phoenix who had been killed not once, not twice, but three times. Now he was back, younger than ever, to lead the rebel group in the overthrow of the Earth tyranny gripping the settlers on Mars. But Kensington seemed more bitter and ruthless than ever, determined to win at any cost, even undergoing dangerous experiments in mutation and psionics. Suddenly the rebels wondered who was the greatest danger: Earth's massed military might or their own leader?

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