THE CITADEL OF FEAR by Francis Stevens

"Wonderful and tragic allegory … amazing and thrilling scenes ... masterful … huge mystery, gigantic tragedy, and original and extraordinary situations…" so raved H. P. Lovecraft when The Citadel of Fear first appeared.

Here is one of the greatest classics of dark fantasy, a gorgeously written and imaginatively conceived masterpiece by the mysterious woman author who wrote as Francis Stevens. Talapallan, lost city of the ancient Aztecs, still survives, hidden safely in an eerie underground world. And among its many temples is the black fetid shrine where the dark god Nacoc-Yaotl is worshiped, the Citadel of Fear.

When two men from the modern world stumble into Talapallan, the evil in one allows Nacoc-Yaotl to escape when they return to civilization. Soon two of Stevens' trademark strong women and three very different but likable men find themselves pitted against a dark god of immense powers. Before the conflict is over, North America will be the scene of an epic battle against the mightiest gods of the Aztec pantheon.

Romance, magic, meaning, adventure, and beautifully compelling writing are all here in this long-unavailable fantasy masterwork.

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Categories Fantasy , Horror , F - Novels , H - Novels
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