UNWISE CHILD: The Lost SF Classic by Randall Garrett

Was a Robot Responsible for the Starship Murders?

When a super-robot named Snookums discovers how to build his own superbombs, it becomes obvious that Earth is by no means the safest place for him to be. Thus Dr. Fitzhugh, his designer, and Leda Crannon, a child psychologist acting as Snookums' nursemaid, agree to set up Operation Brainchild, a plan to transport the robot to a far distant planet, and a secret location, via the space ship Branchell.

Mike the Angel—M. R. Gabriel, Power Design—is the designer of the ship's power plant. But regardless of how he might feel about it, his duties don't end with the completion of the plant; as a reserve officer in the Space Patrol, Mike is a logical replacement for the craft's unavoidably detained engineering officer.

Once into space, the Branchell—and Snookumswill offer everyone a harrowing, puzzling adventure whether they want it or not: the medical officer is murdered, and Snookums appears to be the culprit. Mike the Angel indulges himself in a bit of sleuthing, and the facts he turns up lead to a most unusual climax...

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