THE SECRET MARTIANS: A Lost Pulp Classic by Jack Sharkey

To this Mutant Superman, a Pretty Girl was Like a Malady!

Jery Devlin had a most unusual psychic power: He could detect the logical flaws in any scheme or misleading statement on sight—even those that eluded the best brains in the solar system. So when the Chief of World Security told him he had been selected to solve the system's greatest mystery, the disappearance of an entire boy scout troop from a ship in mid-space, Jery had only one reservation: encountering a beautiful woman.

Nearness to any woman who sent his pulse racing always triggered Devlin's dork gene and lost him the ability to think. On Mars, this master spy of the red planet found his hands full just dealing with the intricate maze of out-of-this-world double-dealing—and when he met Snow, the woman with the cornsilk hair and out-of-this-world figure, his mind went blank. Soon she stole his World Security ID and his heart, and then she saved his life! Or was that just a trick to keep him from rescuing the scouts and discovering the existence of the fabled secret Martians?

By the author of the uproarious It's Magic, You Dope! Don't miss this never-reprinted sf romp, originally half of an Ace Double Novel (the pulpiest of all early paperback houses), edited by the legendary Don Wollheim.

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