Her father told her to beware of traveling salesmen, but he didn't say a word about traveling vampires...

In this delightful new fantasy novel that is sure to remind readers of Xanth and Discworld, Joe Vadalma applies his usual satirical skills to deftly skewer recent novels and movies about the undead.

If ever a girl yearned to escape the dreary world of farming and small town life, it was Sally—but her stepfather watches over her doings with an eagle eye. Slipping the leash for a night out at the local country and western bar, Sally spies a tall, pale stranger drinking alone. Her interest is piqued even further when she notices his huge, sexy motorcycle.

Soon the pair are parked somewhere, necking passionately. In fact, that's the last thing Sally remembers when she wakes up in her room the next morning—being nuzzled on the neck! Well, it's true love on both their parts, in the twilight, under the full moon, at breaking dawn, and during an eclipse, and neither can keep their hands or lips off each other. Then Sally discovers he's a vampire—but what does she care? Karl offers a chance to fly away from the bleak life she's always known—even if it means flying on leathern wings.

Sadly for Sally, the course of true love never runs true. If the two are ever to embrace in a happily-ever-after clinch for the fade-out, they will have to survive a vampire clan sworn to slay Karl, the ghost of Sally's great-grandmother, a murderer who has already struck twice, the mysterious Boris Magyar, and a man waiting in a graveyard holding a gun loaded with a silver bullet. If all this happens in this dizzying comic pastiche, what must lie ahead for our lovelorn heroine and her fashionably-pale beau in the sequel? ...And, of course, there will be a sequel!

A hilarious fantasy romp!

Categories Horror , H - Novels , Fantasy , F - Novels
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