SKULL-SMASHER: The Saga of Thorunn Lace-Cuff by Octavio Ramos, Jr.

Woman Warrior and Sword vs. Deadly World!

Thorunn Lace-Cuff, with her father's broad sword, "Skull Smasher," must battle for survival against enemies and monsters on the world of Fria. This frozen planet is filled with ice hags, goblins who survive only by coveting a child's frozen heart, and hideous trolls that derive sustenance from the emotions of others. Where other warriors quail, Thorunn and Skull Smasher venture fearlessly.

Fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, and Robert E. Howard will thrill to the fabulous exploits of this bold and desperate amazon.

Cover art: David Burton

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Categories Fantasy , Horror , H - Novels , F - Novels
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