INVISIBLE ENCOUNTER and Other Science Fiction by J. D. Crayne

Dazzling science fiction from Asimov's, Amazing Stories, etc. by J. D. Crayne!

Hugo and Nebula winner Larry Niven calls J. D. Crayne's S-F, "Dark humor. Funny stuff." This long-awaited collection features all the Cheryl Harbottle stories. A printer gives Cheryl problems in "...and Settle Down With a Good Book." Her search through the internet for family genealogy goes awry in "Of Days Gone By." Cheryl moves to a new home—not on the range but on a space station in "No Homelike Place," where she has to get used to low-gravity living, among other things. A robot pet dog is her bane in "Katzenjammer."

Non-Harbottle tales include: "A Piece of the Kingdom," wherein a group of criminals conspire to put medical science to illicit uses, but there is more than one slip between their cup and lip. We meet extraterrestrial life in the still largely unexplored solar system of "Invisible Encounter." A daring woman time-travels to get the lowdown on whether Bacon really did write the works of Shakespeare.

Also includes "The Medal," "Point of View," and her celebrated collaboration with Larry Niven, "Talisman."

Cover: Elspeth Fahey.

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