Allan Quatermain's First Three Classic Adventures!

Fantasy adventure fans who met Allan Quatermain for the first time in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or in a book or movie version of King Solomon's Mines or its sequel, Allan Quatermain, are in for the treat of a lifetime! You're about to embark on a voyage of discovery that will take you through all fourteen magical Allan Quatermain books, reprinted in five giant eBook omnibuses, in chronological order from his youth to his death on the great stairway of Milosis.

Here is a unique series of books that combine magic, mystery, high adventure, and even a pinch of science fiction, with authentic portraits of the cultures and peoples of Africa, whom the author, H. Rider Haggard, knew and admired firsthand. Here are Allan Quatermain's first adventures in Africa as a youth, the stories of his two ill-fated love affairs, the beginning of the sorcerer Zikali's revenge against the descendents of the Zulu leader Shaka, encounters with the supernatural, desperate fights against lions and wildebeests, and through it all the sense of the unspoiled vastness and variety of pre-20th-century Africa.

Allan's Wife tells the story of his first love, Stella, and her tragic fate at the hands of a half-human creature whom the great hunter befriends. Marie tells a story of Allan's second wife, Zulu witch doctors, and the war of the Zulu against the Boers in South Africa's Transvaal region. Child of the Storm tells us what happened to Allan after the death of Marie, of Mameena, the supernal Zulu Helen of Troy, who loved only one man and so lost an empire, and of the battle between the Princes Cetewayo and Umbelazi for the kingship of the Zulus.

This is a not-to-be-missed feast of fantasy and adventure nearly unparalleled in the history of literature. A short introduction discusses the author and character, identifying the real-life adventurer on whom the character Allan Quatermain was based.

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